Corakko Therapeutic Products

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Discover Corakko by NanoCupper—an innovative line using copper's antimicrobial power through advanced nanotechnology. Made for dogs and horses, Corakko's safe solutions effectively address common skin issues. Vet-approved and extensively tested, Corakko ensures optimal well-being. Choose Corakko today to experience transformative nanotechnology, elevating your pets' care. Make the informed choice—choose Corakko.


Snake Oil

Utilizing nanotechnology and copper, our formula deeply penetrates animal skin, combating bacteria, fungus, and preventing dryness. It acts as a salve, reducing inflammation from skin diseases, aiding in wound, scratch, and insect bite healing.

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Equine & Canine Shampoo

Enriched with copper nanoparticles, raw honey, and extracts of ancestral plants from the Chilean Patagonia, our unique blend ensures your pet's coat maintains its health, cleanliness, and shine.

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International Sales

Thank you for your interest in us. If you have questions or comments related to international sales or distribution of our products outside the USA and Canada, please fill out the form below.

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